Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Hate Late

*Td gw udah ngtik banyak trs pas gw klik publish post eror. Gw back-in aja. Udah ilang smua yg gw ketik. Ternyata netnya ga nyambung k laptop *hikshiks. Yg gw temuin d draft ternyata post-an sblm gw tulis bnyaakk bgt. . .
Draft: Schedule for tomorrow [BIG DAY]; 21/09/08 :
  1. Wake up at [05.00]
  2. Finish my before-fasting meal at [05.43]
  3. No sleeping after that
  4. Transfer the Mozart 40 song from memory card SD to pendrive [15 minutes; online a bit]
  5. Practice dancing [2 hours]
  6. Break time ! [09.00-09.30]
  7. Take a bath [30 minutes; 10.00]
  8. Practice (again) [10.00-11.00]
  9. Prepear for audition [11.00-11.45]
  10. Ciao to school [11.45-11.50]

I've made that to make me be on time like usual xD but but but I screw it! On that schedule, none of them perfectly happen today. Okay soo here's the story. . .
Once upon a time. . . NO NO NO ITS NOT A FAIRY TALE!

  1. a

Inti dr td yg gw tulis:
Hari ini semuanya telat !

*smoga gw bs past audisi musical "a Long Hair" Amin

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