Friday, January 29, 2010

How To Get in a High School With The Rigth Way.

If you planned to continue your study to a high school, you better think once more..
If you are already in a high school, you better win every game that teachers gave to you..
If you will leave your high school, than you will leave the most fun thing in your life!


In this case,Me, Nina, will be your helper to make you feel right when you get in a high school so here you gooo..

So yeah.. That's high school's rules. Before you entered high school, you will feel the adventurest (I know it's not the suitable word) thing in your life. Even your not yet be a part of the high school, you will think that lots of fun things will happen to you. Think.. growing older, boys, night club, djs..

But that's not the point for you to get in a high school. High school is elcolegio (in spanish), mittelschule (in germany) and haisuku-ru (in japanese). Okay it doesnt really helping you to know the meaning of high school haha. *sorry for the juniors :p

The great thing 'living' in a high school location is that we got lots of different friends. I know you always hear that from people when you asked "whats the greatest thing when you get in high school?". But thats the greatest truth ever. Many kinds of friends appeared there. The naughty one, the nice one, the cool one, the crazy one even the silent one we can find them in this small location. The different, the better we will be one *ok udah mulai ngaco bahasanya deh haha*.

"What's the other thing we could get from high school?".. Harder assignment. (and I hate this part. Anyway who the hell loves this part?). Since we get in a higher place, ge will get higher troubles, higher test and higher questions. For example... "Hey you.. How many times in a week you talk person's bad habit?".Okay with messy noodles bumping in my head I just answer in my heart "Who in the hell will count it?!Do you think Im sick?!" But thank god it was just in my heart. The truth is I answered "Im not that type of person mam. So count that as a ZERO" and I love that answer because it did make me look smarter haha.

Boys, boys and boys. In girls mind we do love boys so much. But when a girl felt that a boy is huntingher, she will act like she doesnt care at all. I know boys, it's kinda annoying you guys.But cmoon.. It's girls. You know.. Girls.. *Yeah whatever it's not a reason at all haha*.

So juniors.. are you ready to be a high schoolers? *Not helping you guys a bit to prepared to get in a high school haha.