Saturday, November 8, 2008

duit disimpen d dalem tembok

Cash found in Ohio house's walls becomes nightmare

In this undated handout photo released by Bob Kitts, contractor Kitts, left, and
AP – In this undated handout photo released by Bob Kitts, contractor Kitts, left, and homeowner Amanda Reece …

CLEVELAND – A contractor who found $182,000 in Depression-era currency hidden in a bathroom wall has ended up with only a few thousand dollars, but he feels some vindication.

The windfall discovery amounted to little more than grief for contractor Bob Kitts, who couldn't agree on how to split the money with homeowner Amanda Reece.

It didn't help Reece much, either. She testified in a deposition that she was considering bankruptcy and that a bank recently foreclosed on one of her properties.

And 21 descendants of Patrick Dunne — the wealthy businessman who stashed the money that was minted in a time of bank collapses and joblessness — will each get a mere fraction of the find.

"If these two individuals had sat down and resolved their disputes and divided the money, the heirs would have had no knowledge of it," said attorney Gid Marcinkevicius, who represents the Dunne estate. "Because they were not able to sit down and divide it in a rational way, they both lost."

Kitts was tearing the bathroom walls out of an 83-year-old home near Lake Erie in 2006 when he discovered two green metal lockboxes suspended inside a wall below the medicine chest, hanging from a wire. Inside were white envelopes with the return address for "P. Dunne News Agency."


disebalik hikmah: coba deh bobol tembok rumah,
siapa tau nemu duit juga.
Kalo ga nemu juga paling dmarain ortu AJA :D


a L i f i a :) said...

hahah . aku udh nyobak . tapi buktinya , gak kesampean . -_-

Dzikri said...

haa.. gabakal nenek moyangku naruh duid di tembok..

paling ya di celengan.. hahaha xP