Friday, July 10, 2009

1 is Okay But 2 is Better

My boyfriend is at Indonesia from yesterday morning so I was totally lonely. I feel lonely because I used to hang around with my boy. He is like my bestfriend I think so. I wanted to do shopping, he'll go. He wanted to drink some coffee, I will follow him. He was hungry, I felt hungry too. I want to walk home, no bus, no taxi, he walked me home.

I was thinking that maybe I cant take it if Im taking this LDR thing.
LDR: Long Distance Relationship.


Long-distance relationship

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long-distance relationship or LDR is typically an intimate relationship that takes place when the partners are separated by a considerable distance.

Before the popularity of internet dating, long-distance relationships were not as common, as the primary forms of communication between the lovers usually involved either telephone conversations or corresponding via mail. However, with the advent of the Internet, long distance relationships have exploded in popularity as they become less challenging to sustain with the use of modern technology. Technologies including cell phonese-mailonline chatting and video conferencing have made it possible to keep in touch. Other forms of communication frequently employed by partners in long-distance relationships include:

[edit]Challenges of long-distance relationships

  • The partners in a long-distance relationship may be separated by different timezones, and therefore have scheduling conflicts
  • Communication can be more challenging due to reduced real-time feedback
  • Due to the distance, the other partner's behavior cannot be monitored so a higher degree of trust and security may be required
  • Physical contact and sexual needs may not be satisfied regularly
  • The possibility that the partners may become lonely, bored or grow apart

Because of problems that may arise due to the nature of long-distance relationships, regular communication is vital. Telephone calls, emails, text messaging and letters are viable options. Sharing intimate details of a partner's life, such as pictures and diary entries, also can help to keep a long distance relationship alive.

Each partner's view of distance may affect how the couple copes with the separation. If one is accustomed to absence in their family life, they may feel that the distance in the relationship is not a big concern. If one partner has had an experience in which someone in their life left and said they would return, but never did, that partner may see the long distance relationship as the beginning of the end. If it is one partner's nature to look in the long term, they may see the long distance relationship as only temporary. However, if one partner is accustomed to couples always being physically together absence may be beyond their experience.

Many individuals end up losing feeling for their significant other, because it is of human nature to have to feel physical, emotional, and sexual intimacy. While a meeting between the two may occur occasionally, the periods in between may create a sense of loss and induce several negative emotions, such as a feeling of abandonment, depression, and sexual frustration. A common vice is for one or both of the individuals to meet and become intimately involved with someone much closer to them geographically, but would typically mean the long distance relationship is over and they are moving on.



So Im goin back to Indonesia and my boyfriend will stay here. I thought that might be LDR thing will be easy like a peanut. But not that peanut until...

9 July 2009

(06.00 am) I woke him up but he already woke up and his preparing his bag.

(06.30 am) He left his home to the train.

(06.45 am) Already on the bus that goes to LCCT.

(08.00 am) Already at LCCT and told me that his flight will be at 09.50 am. He ate lunch at Mary Brown. He told me that its too late if Im trying to reach him.

(09.00 am) We talked on the phone.

(09.45 am) He said that he have to go to the waiting room.






Until today I havent get his text nor his call. I thought I was crazy because every single second I always looked at my mobile waiting for his name appeared on my phone. I tried to texted her sister too but no reply. I was thingking.. Can I do this LDR thing?

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