Friday, January 16, 2009

my brothers

I got 2 brothers and I love them!
I mean. . .
yes I got two brothers but the 'I love them' part I lied xDDD
I got two brothers and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!


So my first brother is Galih Nidyasmoro or we usually call him as Amor. He is is taller than me, has a dark skin [sorry bro, mine is tanned =p], his hair is as thick as Dochi's [new selebrity] and he is not good at reading people's feelings, like mine. He was born on 21st January on 1994. He is taller than me, tho [Gee, I wrote it twice]. He take piano lesson so maybe thats why we was hired on SIK's band, main band of our school to play his synthesizer [A synthesizer (or synthesiser) is an electronic instrument capable of producing a variety of sounds by generating and combining signals of different frequencies]. He likes to buy T-shirt which are sells by clothing line booth. I bet they all are cheap but they ain't bad. I like him when he wear a shirt [that he bought from clothing line booth], straight line jeans [not skinny!], and his damn sexy nike SB sneakers. The greatest thing that I ever spend my time with him is when he wanted to hang out with my friends. I never dare to do that with hims but maybe someday I'll try, my brother.

My second brother is Aldias Ananda Setyanto or you can call him as Samid. Ehehm. Flip the letters backside and you will find Dimas on it. Yeah he is Dimas. He was born on 8th March at Chicago [I forgot ur year when u were born honey =p]. He has hair [of course], I dont know what model is his hair, big stomach [u fat! :D] and a nice smile. My mom said that when Dimas was a baby, he smiled at everybody who came near to him. What a nerd. Maybe I was laughing when everybody got near me. What a devil. He like doing great things that we never done it before such as dancing in front of lots of people, dancing when a song can hear by him and record by himself while he was doing shake-dance. Yeah shake dance. He even asked me to join him. But he's a great partner to record things. I mean REALLY GREAT!


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