Saturday, January 17, 2009

8 hours isnt enough

How many minutes in 8 hours? Let's see. . .
8 x 60 = 420 minutes.
And how many seconds could we get?
420 x 60 = 25200 seconds

[read the second part if you hate long things]
It was [maybe] the dumbest thing I've ever done [and I DONT regret it, tho I wanted to do it more and more and more]. Ask my boy to have a date just two of us. Before this day, we never hang out just the two of us, we usually hang out with our friends. I never think about it because my mom not allow me to do it. She said that a girl have to be like a girl [Ummm. . . Having a boy doesnt mean that she is a girl, ey?]. So the story begins. . .

Thank God, my school make a Maal Hijrah thing so I have a reason to hang out with my friends [1st plan]. FYI, I like fooling people, so the target that appeared in my head was my boy. I ask him to hang out just with me. He even ask me what should he wear and that was so sweet because most of boys wont ask their girls about what should he wear to hang out with. I was thinking that on the day, I will tell him that I was just fooling him. But then. . .

Today is the day. Thanks to God again, Maal Hijrah thing happen today. But I was late. The Maal Hijrah thing started at 08.30 but I came at 10.00. Nice Nina, nice. After entering the hall's door, I chated with my friends. We laughed, we talked, we teased people and lots of great things we did. Ka Gesha read a poem and her sister played the biola. It was such a great duet. So does the 4 boys from social class, they did the band. Not bad for Chaidir and friends. Then till the end came by. It was over. We were told to take the cakes outside the hall. Then. . .


It was me or the time slowed down? We [the kids that came for Maal Hijrah thing] already went out to get the snack at 11.30 but we [me+ka Irna+ka Via+Michael] walk to the KTM [the time that started to be count]. We met ka Ratna and ka Andre there. So we all were together till we were already at Midvalley's station. Me and Michael then heading to the cinema before trying to find the necklace that we wanna buy.
We picked Bedtime Stories to be our 1st movie today [WHAT 1st?!] We laugh from the movie started till the end. Great that Adam Sandler can act like himself so he dont have to act hard *my opinion. Oh yeah. That was the first time I ate salty popcorn at Midvalley's cinema. GREAT!
Then when we were trying to find a place to eat, I was thinking how about one more movie. So we walked again to the cinema and we picked Tiren, Indonesian movie. Quite good. And scary. And making our heart beating fast. We yell every change we got. Haha because the movie was just so noisy. I hate Dewi Persik and who other girl that tryin to be sexy that played at that movie? Oh yeah! Ayu Azhari. They think, with their body or their everything they can get what they want. Dumb B!
Then the third movie was Yes Man! Great dude! This movie makes us laugh and laugh and laugh. Jim Carrey just so great! There's about trust, romance and adventure in that movie. Hilarious!
So thats 2hours x 3 movies = 6 hours we were in the cinema.
I remembered a face! A face that I would never forgot! It came again, again and again in my mind! I cant get rid of it! If it try more, it will still be there! My lovely mom's face. Thats a sign that I gotta go home soon. So when we were heading to the Midvalley's KTM station, the hall was so full. I mean it. Really full. The line was about. . . 5 meters? *maybe :D I was thingking to ask someone to buy our ticket but Michael said that its not that nice so we tried to find a taxi. But the line was too long too. So we go there and here. There and here and found a taxi that wanted to get us to KLCC *before that, none of the taxi want to*.
Here we are at KLCC. We were searching Roti Boy store but before finding it, we found Delifrance first, so we went there to buy some snack. Cant wait to eat the bread, we forgot to buy the drinks. So we went to Roti Boy and we bought 2 mineral waters and 1 new milky bun. So we gotta find a place to eat those crumble. Thats why we were headingto the stairs. We sat here will chating a bit till. . . A security came and make us to find another place. So we sat near by the bus station. He started 1st. He mention that this day is our 1 month from the day we've been together. He was hoping that we will last till next next next day. I was hoping more so I was touch by his words and I feel something burning my heart because I'll move to other country next 5 months and maybe Im gonna miss him damn so much fakin because his hard to find, no one cant be like him, he has no compare and uooh I cant say it with words and maybe you ever felt like this before. Then he asked that my brother were and I answered at Topshop and he asked me to go there.
And you know what? I feel a bit something missing after doing things with him but gotta separated with him because our home direction is different.It feels like my heart was taken by someone and I dislike feeling that. So we said goodbye when he have to go to the station and I have to go to the Topshop.


*love to treasure time with him :)


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