Friday, May 22, 2009

Let Me Share This Whole New World With You

Finding the word 'New' in the English Dictionary Online :
10. other than the former or the old: a new era; in the New World.
bef. 900; ME newe (adj., adv., and n.), OE nēowe, nīewe, nīwe (adj. and adv.); c. D nieuw, G neu, ON nȳr, Goth niujis, OIr núe, Welsh newydd, Gk neîos; akin to L novus, OCS novŭ, Gk néos, Skt navas


My Boyfriend said that everybody changes.
Well, I hate to hear that but the fact is yeah.. everybody does.

I remembered the first time I arrived at Indonesian School of Kuala Lumpur. I was a tomboy that time, a pure tomboy. I hate dresses, I hate pink, my hair was punk-rock, I never wear earings, I played with boys, I even dont like to gossip with girls. I was thinking that gossiping is just wasting life o_0. O yeah.. That time I hate boys too. I mean not that I hate playing with them but I dont trust love, boys or love [yeah already mentioned it at the first :D].
Now days [heleh gaya xp] Im totally a girl. 100% warranty I have changed. I love to wear dresses everytime I go somewhere [not with my girls because they dont like it ], I love pink because it it beautiful [wow! Yesterday I thought that was the the most ugly color in the world :p], my hair grow longer and longer ang longer and I dont know when I will cut it, I wear cute earings wings, I play with the girls everyday and even gossip with them all the day and now tatararaaaa.. I gotta boyfriend! I trust him so much and I am so in love with him *sounds familiar but yeah thats the way my heart is". So yeah everybody changes.
I got a friend that had been annoyed by her friend because she got a bla bla and bla. OMG I hate to heard that because I even been in that situation. C'mon it is hard to choose even in this life we gotta choose but c'mon I just hate a kind of person like that! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! :D Well now Im okay. I just act like I dont bla bla and bla. You should have known that you are not my mom or my dad or my everything that can tell me to do that and this. I will even never trust you anymore! Yeah. IN YOUR FACE!
Oyeah now I am more oped too. I never thought that I would be friends with teachers. But now lets just see this conversation :
Mr. Inton : "Nin.. You're gonna be the leader for the team of the ceremony next Monday"
Me : "Are you crazy?!"
Mr. Inton : "Nin.. You will be the leader"
Kavi : "You are the one who's crazy"
Omg omg.. Didnt mean to called you crazy, Mr :D.

A Whole New World - Aladdin And Jasmine


Helena Hotmonica said...

yeah,everyone changes,
but like the song:

and i don't feel the same.

n i c h a e l said...

haha i hate changes :(