Friday, December 26, 2008

havin a relationship

Do you ever been in a relationship with someone?
I bet you have.
But did your mom and dad don't mind about it?
Mine does, but actually just my mom.

My first dating would be when I was in the kindergarten, Central School, Madison, USA. It does sounds weird because normally when we're in that condition, most of the girls hate boys, so does the boys, they hate girls. And FYI this boy made me to be his girlfriend. I wasn't pleasant with him because he was a naughty boy and he is American while Im Indonesian and he has a bright white as white as milk skin while mine is tanned. My mom told me about thousands of times that my skin is exotic so I should be proud of it, but I was just thinking that no white man will fits with my exotic tanned skin.
Then I moved back to Bekasi, where the trees can't handle the polution here, where the river smells and trashes are everywhere. But I have to be use to it because Im gonna live here for five years then Im going out from Indonesia again. Did I mention that my dad works for Deplu, or we can say it Indonesian Embassy? Yes. Thats why I live nomaden. Then I gotta study in SDN 04 Pagi for 5 years. I was wondering, why most of the Indonesian school here named as 'Pagi' for their surename. So yeah, Im here at my new school. I met bunch of kind friends here, even I cannot speak Indonesian. I just answer "yes" or "no" even they didn't ask a question .Till I can speak Indonesian fluently. I met this boy. His face sort of like Arabian but Indonesian too. We called it 'blesteran'. And yeah he like me and we ever been on a relationship before he got to go to another country.
I past the grades with good marks. Till I'm in the last grade of Elementary School for Indonesia, 6th grade. Everytime we move on to the other grades, the teachers mix the student so we wont get friends as same as the last class we have been study. This boy. He was so so sooo naughty. I mean it. He was sooooooo naughty. He ever been punished because he 'take a good care' of my social teacher. He draws on his desk, I mean everyone's desk. I was wishing that he can be my boy because he can be a good partner to adventure with. But oldies says, "Becarefull what you wish for". Right, He like me. He really-really like me. He fell in love with me. He push me to be his girl but Im not sure that was a good idea so I didnt accept his love but he begged me everyday then one day I said "yes" but for 26 seconds again I said "I want to broke up with you!!!". Haha that was ridiculous. But. . . Hey! It's my style. I was 11 years old that time. Im not a teenager yet that time.
I move on to a higher grade, 139 Junior High School. That's where I found this boy in my 1st grade there. Seventh exactly. We could say that he is tall because he was a basketball player. He has bright skin, great spiky hair and has a big sense of humor, that's why we used to call him 'the clown of VII-8'. We've been lover since he said his feeling. Actually I made him said it. In my school, the 1st graders come to school at 1pm so at 9am, we usually talk by the phone. Always after my dad go to work, I will be sitting on the chair where the phone is there. But he got no good score, yes I do have to break up with him.
In the same school, I was in the 2nd grade. They mix the students again. Do every school in this world do that? This boy was different from the other boy I've met. Music is his life. He can play guitar and piano. He got goods marks, in the second place at this school. He answers all of the teacher's questions. All of the boys that i've been in a relationship with got a good-looking face. But he's more than that. He go to gym every week. That's a plus for him. But I got to forget every good things about him because he has a different religion with me. So my mom said I have to broke up with him.
Great timing, I gotta move to Malaysia. I didnt remember when I broke up but I remember my excuse to broke up with him; "I love you so I want you to find another girl for you. I won't be ableto be there for you if your in a happy or sad condition. Sorry". Not bad if I could be an actress. So time by time I wasn't goin to find another boy. I just let it flow. But Im not bad looking after all, about 5 people from my school in Malaysia said their feelings but I ignore them because most of them are 'gombal'. But this boy bother my feelings. He got this perfect heigh for a senior high school student, his hair was just perfect for him, he wear glasses but even that he got that perfect eagle eye. He is nice to everybody, that's why I ever jealous about it. I wasnt his girl at all. I even never hope that he will ask me to be his girl. Im not that pecfect to stand beside him, at all. But now I am. And I hope I won't find another man to replace him. Hope so.

O yeah, the text above weren't the point for this posting anyway. Sorry for making you read that long thing. Last Thursday, on 25th December, which is Christmast, I hang out with my friends, without my boy because he was at Indonesia for holiday. Then I met my friends's family, Cheka family. Her brother, Dedef bring his girl to eat dinner with his family. What a perfect and romantic thing. I always wanted to do that. So I told my boy by texting him. . .
"how great when cheka's bro brought his girl for dinner with his fam. I want to do that but I gotta wait till I finish my school 1st, maybe collage? *hummph"
then he answer. . . "you want to do that? my fam WONT mind. but how about urs?"
That was a dead-end-road for me because I just answered "thats why I say after Im in collage".
My mom is a kind of a dont-do-silly-things-1st mom. But is having a relationship is a silly thing? I bet not. Having a relationship is like building a house. Once you build it with love, you'll get the best house. But if there appear one little hole, the house might be crumble after all. Maybe thats why my mom don't want me to crumble. But Mom, I gotta build a house again right after my house crumbles right? But someday I'll show you that Im good at picking workers so my house will be the best house ever. ILY mom :)


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